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Issues Needing Food Disposal Repair

If you own a garbage disposal unit you know how convenient it is to just get rid of food scraps, from vegetable and fruit peelings to leftover food. With proper care and maintenance, you hardly need frequent garbage disposal repair.. But as the saying goes, “All good things come to an end.” And it won’t come as a surprise if, after a few years, your unit stops working and you find yourself calling for help.

Garbage Disposal Jammed

Most of the calls we get for garbage disposal repair are about units that aren’t operating due to jamming. Some come to us for help to fix a clogged or leaking garbage disposal. Jamming may be caused by too much food scraps getting caught on the blades. Anything from fruit pits to eggshells to coffee grounds can cause jammed garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal Clogged

A perfectly working garbage disposal should be able to grind food scraps in a matter of seconds. Draining should also be as fast. A slow-draining garbage disposal may be caused by blades that have gone too dull. A garbage disposal clogged with non-food items further down the pipe could be another culprit.

Issues Needing Food Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Clogged

A garbage disposal leaking for days may be caused by worn-out O-ring, so naturally, it has to be replaced. It may be that some parts of your unit need a little tightening so it’s best to have the leak checked by a professional. And that’s not all. There are other issues too like foul odors, garbage disposal humming, and even faulty reset buttons.

Garbage Disposal Services Offered

Should I Repair or Replace My Garbage Disposal?

Wondering whether you’ll save by fixing your food disposal? The only way to really know which option is less expensive is to have our team out to inspect it. We pride ourselves on full honesty. If we can fix it affordably and it makes financial sense, we’ll let you know. If it will be too pricey to fix, then we can help with replacement options.

Garbage Disposal Replacement Parts

We do our level best to keep the most common garbage disposal parts on hand, but there are so many brands and possible breakdowns, it wouldn’t be possible for us to have all of them readily available. In the case that we don’t have the part you need to repair your garbage disposal, we’ll give you the option of having us order it and replace the part once it arrives.

Garbage Disposal Installation

If your garbage disposal has been badly damaged or is simply old, it might need to be completely replaced. In this case, we’ll be happy to help you install a new unit. We’ll take care to install your food disposal the right way to avoid leaks or issues. You’ll be thrilled to having fully working one back in order again!